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verwalten - vermieten - verkaufen

Propertymanagement Berlin SCRIPTUS - Link to german language We are member of Verband der Immobilenverwalter Berlin Brandenburg

SCRIPTUS - Propertymanagement Berlin

manage - rent - sell

Mitglied im Verband der Immobilienverwalter

Wir sind Mitglied im Verband der Immobilienverwalter

SERVICE - Portal

propertymanagement berlin, most modern management and software solution, SSL-encrypted
- most modern management
  and software solutions
- usable via PC, laptop, tablet,
- SSL-encrypted
- secure and simple like online

HOUSE - Administration

propertymanagement berlin, flexible, service packages, Optimization of operating costs
- flexible, service packages
  for every need
- 100 % transparent, no
  hidden costs
- value preservation & yield
- optimization of operating

WEG - Management

WEG Management, Berlin Condominium management, WEG communication - condominium management
- WEG communication
- commercial support
- operating cost accounting
- legal security
- maintenance

Tenant management

Tenant management Berlin, rent receipt control, Dunning system
- rent receipt control
- dunning system
- deposit management
- operating cost accounting
- letting, sale
- credit checks
- viewings

Property management

property management Berlin, Management of urban villas and land plots
- management of urban villas   and land plots
- management of parking and   underground parking lots
- landscaping
- property


Property management for one and two-family houses Berlin
- property management for
  one and two-family
- individual tenant and house
- maintenance service
- pool and sauna service
Our services - flexible & transparent - specialized in the individual support of owners and their tenants!
We believe that by using the most modern software and communication solutions, property management becomes easier and more effective for all parties involved. We have 30 years of experience in real estate trading and maintenance. Our staff has 10 years of experience in property management, accounting and receivables management.

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